Class Parser

D Parser.

class Parser ;

It is sometimes useful to sub-class Parser to skip over things that are not interesting. For example, DCD skips over function bodies when caching symbols from imported files.


allocator RollbackAllocator*Allocator used for creating AST nodes
errorCount uintCurrent error count
fileName stringName used when reporting warnings and errors
messageDelegate void delegate(string, ulong, ulong, string, bool)Function or delegate that is called when a warning or error is encountered. The parameters are the file name, line number, column number, and the error or warning message.
messageFunction void function(string, ulong, ulong, string, bool)Function or delegate that is called when a warning or error is encountered. The parameters are the file name, line number, column number, and the error or warning message.
tokens const(TokenStructure!(ubyte,"import dparse.lexer:TokenTriviaFields,TriviaToken; mixin TokenTriviaFields;"))[]Tokens to parse
warningCount uintCurrent warning count
_traceDepth int
cachedAAChecks bool[ulong]
cachedTypeChecks bool[ulong]
comment string
index ulong
REGISTER_NAMES immutable(char[][])
suppressMessages dparse.stack_buffer.TypedStackBuffer!(uint)


current[get] TokenStructure!(ubyte,"import dparse.lexer:TokenTriviaFields,TriviaToken; mixin TokenTriviaFields;")
previous[get] TokenStructure!(ubyte,"import dparse.lexer:TokenTriviaFields,TriviaToken; mixin TokenTriviaFields;")


moreTokens ()
parseAddExpression () Parses an AddExpression.
parseAliasAssign () Parses an AliasAssign.
parseAliasDeclaration () Parses an AliasDeclaration.
parseAliasInitializer () Parses an AliasInitializer.
parseAliasThisDeclaration () Parses an AliasThisDeclaration.
parseAlignAttribute () Parses an AlignAttribute.
parseAndAndExpression () Parses an AndAndExpression.
parseAndExpression () Parses an AndExpression.
parseAnonymousEnumDeclaration () anonymousEnumDeclaration: 'enum' (':' type)? '{' anonymousEnumMember+ '}' ;
parseAnonymousEnumMember (typeAllowed) anonymousEnumMember: type identifier '=' assignExpression | identifier '=' assignExpression | identifier ;
parseArgumentList () Parses an ArgumentList.
parseArguments () Parses Arguments.
parseArrayInitializer () Parses an ArrayInitializer.
parseArrayLiteral () Parses an ArrayLiteral.
parseArrayMemberInitialization () Parses an ArrayMemberInitialization.
parseAsmAddExp () Parses an AsmAddExp
parseAsmAndExp () Parses an AsmAndExp
parseAsmBrExp () Parses an AsmBrExp
parseAsmEqualExp () Parses an AsmEqualExp
parseAsmExp () Parses an AsmExp
parseAsmInstruction (maybeGccASm) Parses an AsmInstruction
parseAsmLogAndExp () Parses an AsmLogAndExp
parseAsmLogOrExp () Parses an AsmLogOrExp
parseAsmMulExp () Parses an AsmMulExp
parseAsmOrExp () Parses an AsmOrExp
parseAsmPrimaryExp () Parses an AsmPrimaryExp
parseAsmRelExp () Parses an AsmRelExp
parseAsmShiftExp () Parses an AsmShiftExp
parseAsmStatement () Parses an AsmStatement
parseAsmTypePrefix () Parses an AsmTypePrefix
parseAsmUnaExp () Parses an AsmUnaExp
parseAsmXorExp () Parses an AsmXorExp
parseAssertArguments () Parses an AssertArguments
parseAssertExpression () Parses an AssertExpression
parseAssignExpression () Parses an AssignExpression
parseAssocArrayLiteral () Parses an AssocArrayLiteral
parseAtAttribute () Parses an AtAttribute
parseAttribute () Parses an Attribute
parseAttributeDeclaration (attribute) Parses an AttributeDeclaration
parseAutoDeclaration () Parses an AutoDeclaration
parseAutoDeclarationPart () Parses an AutoDeclarationPart
parseBaseClass () Parses a BaseClass
parseBaseClassList () Parses a BaseClassList
parseBitfieldWidth () Parses a BitfieldWidth
parseBlockStatement () Parses a BlockStatement
parseBreakStatement () Parses a BreakStatement
parseBuiltinType () Parses an BuiltinType
parseCaseRangeStatement (low, startIndex) Parses a CaseRangeStatement
parseCaseStatement (argumentList, startIndex) Parses an CaseStatement
parseCastExpression () Parses a CastExpression
parseCastQualifier () Parses a CastQualifier
parseCatch () Parses a Catch
parseCatches () Parses a Catches
parseClassDeclaration () Parses a ClassDeclaration
parseCmpExpression () Parses a CmpExpression
parseCompileCondition () Parses a CompileCondition
parseConditionalDeclaration (strict, inTemplateDeclaration) Parses a ConditionalDeclaration
parseConditionalStatement () Parses a ConditionalStatement
parseConstraint () Parses a Constraint
parseConstructor () Parses a Constructor
parseContinueStatement () Parses an ContinueStatement
parseDebugCondition () Parses a DebugCondition
parseDebugSpecification () Parses a DebugSpecification
parseDeclaration (strict, mustBeDeclaration, inTemplateDeclaration) Parses a Declaration
parseDeclarationOrStatement () Parses a DeclarationOrStatement
parseDeclarationsAndStatements (includeCases) Parses DeclarationsAndStatements
parseDeclarator () Parses a Declarator
parseDeclaratorIdentifierList () Parses a DeclaratorIdentifierList
parseDefaultStatement () Parses a DefaultStatement
parseDeleteExpression () Parses a DeleteExpression
parseDeprecated () Parses a Deprecated attribute
parseDestructor () Parses a Destructor
parseDoStatement () Parses a DoStatement
parseEnumBody () Parses an EnumBody
parseEnumDeclaration () Parses an EnumDeclaration
parseEnumMember () Parses an EnumMember
parseEnumMemberAttribute () Parses an EnumMemberAttribute
parseEponymousTemplateDeclaration () Parses an EponymousTemplateDeclaration
parseEqualExpression (shift) Parses an EqualExpression
parseExpression () Parses an Expression
parseExpressionStatement (expression) Parses an ExpressionStatement
parseFinally () Parses a Finally
parseFinalSwitchStatement () Parses a FinalSwitchStatement
parseForeach (inTemplateDeclaration)
parseForeachStatement () Parses a ForeachStatement
parseForeachType () Parses a ForeachType
parseForeachTypeList () Parses a ForeachTypeList
parseForStatement () Parses a ForStatement
parseFunctionAttribute (validate) Parses a FunctionAttribute
parseFunctionBody () Parses a FunctionBody. Note that any change of this function must also be applied in dsymbol SimpleParser, which can be found here.
parseFunctionCallExpression (unary) Parses a FunctionCallExpression
parseFunctionContract (allowStatement) Parses a FunctionContract
parseFunctionDeclaration (type, isAuto, attributes) Parses a FunctionDeclaration
parseFunctionLiteralExpression () Parses a FunctionLiteralExpression
parseGccAsmInstruction () Parses an AsmInstruction using GCC Assembler
parseGccAsmOperand () Parses a GccAsmOperand
parseGccAsmOperandList () Parses a GccAsmOperandList
parseGotoStatement () Parses a GotoStatement
parseIdentifierChain () Parses an IdentifierChain
parseIdentifierOrTemplateChain () Parses an IdentifierOrTemplateChain
parseIdentifierOrTemplateInstance () Parses an IdentifierOrTemplateInstance
parseIdentityExpression (shift) Parses an IdentityExpression
parseIfCondition () Parses an IfCondition
parseIfStatement () Parses an IfStatement
parseImportBind () Parses an ImportBind
parseImportBindings (singleImport) Parses ImportBindings
parseImportDeclaration () Parses an ImportDeclaration
parseImportExpression () Parses an ImportExpression
parseInContractExpression () Parses an InContractExpression
parseIndex () Parses an Index
parseIndexExpression (unaryExpression) Parses an IndexExpression
parseInExpression (shift) Parses an InExpression
parseInitializer () Parses an Initializer
parseInOutContractExpression () Parses an InOutContractExpression
parseInOutStatement () Parses an InOutStatement
parseInStatement () Parses an InStatement
parseInterfaceDeclaration () Parses an InterfaceDeclaration
parseInvariant () Parses an Invariant
parseIsExpression () Parses an IsExpression
parseKeyValuePair () Parses a KeyValuePair
parseKeyValuePairs () Parses KeyValuePairs
parseLabeledStatement () Parses a LabeledStatement
parseLastCatch () Parses a LastCatch
parseLinkageAttribute () Parses a LinkageAttribute
parseMemberFunctionAttribute () Parses a MemberFunctionAttribute
parseMissingFunctionBody () Parses a MissingFunctionBody
parseMixinDeclaration () Parses a MixinDeclaration
parseMixinExpression () Parses a MixinExpression
parseMixinTemplateDeclaration () Parses a MixinTemplateDeclaration
parseMixinTemplateName () Parses a MixinTemplateName
parseModule () Parses a Module
parseModuleDeclaration () Parses a ModuleDeclaration
parseMulExpression () Parses a MulExpression.
parseNamedArgument () Parses a NamedArgument.
parseNamedArgumentList () Parses a NamedArgumentList.
parseNamedTemplateArgument () Parses a NamedTemplateArgument
parseNamedTemplateArgumentList () Parses a NamedTemplateArgumentList
parseNamespaceList () Parses a NamespaceList.
parseNewAnonClassExpression () Parses a NewAnonClassExpression
parseNewExpression () Parses a NewExpression
parseNonVoidInitializer () Parses a NonVoidInitializer
parseOperands () Parses Operands
parseOrExpression () Parses an OrExpression
parseOrOrExpression () Parses an OrOrExpression
parseOutContractExpression () Parses an OutContractExpression
parseOutStatement () Parses an OutStatement
parseParameter () Parses a Parameter
parseParameterAttribute (validate) Parses a ParameterAttribute
parseParameters () Parses Parameters
parsePostblit () Parses a Postblit
parsePowExpression () Parses a PowExpression
parsePragmaDeclaration () Parses a PragmaDeclaration
parsePragmaExpression () Parses a PragmaExpression
parsePragmaStatement () Parses a PragmaStatement
parsePrimaryExpression () Parses a PrimaryExpression
parseRegister () Parses a Register
parseRelExpression (shift) Parses a RelExpression
parseReturnStatement () Parses a ReturnStatement
parseScopeGuardStatement () Parses a ScopeGuardStatement
parseSharedStaticConstructor () Parses a SharedStaticConstructor
parseSharedStaticDestructor () Parses a SharedStaticDestructor
parseShiftExpression () Parses a ShiftExpression
parseShortenedFunctionBody () Parses a ShortenedFunctionBody
parseSingleImport () Parses a SingleImport
parseSpecifiedFunctionBody () Parses a SpecifiedFunctionBody
parseStatement () Parses a Statement
parseStatementNoCaseNoDefault () Parses a StatementNoCaseNoDefault
parseStaticAssertDeclaration () Parses a StaticAssertDeclaration
parseStaticAssertStatement () Parses a StaticAssertStatement
parseStaticConstructor () Parses a StaticConstructor
parseStaticDestructor () Parses a StaticDestructor
parseStaticForeachDeclaration (inTemplateDeclaration) Parses a StaticForeachDeclaration
parseStaticForeachStatement () Parses a StaticForeachStatement
parseStaticIfCondition () Parses an StaticIfCondition
parseStorageClass () Parses a StorageClass
parseStructBody () Parses a StructBody
parseStructDeclaration () Parses a StructDeclaration
parseStructInitializer () Parses an StructInitializer
parseStructMemberInitializer () Parses a StructMemberInitializer
parseStructMemberInitializers () Parses StructMemberInitializers
parseSwitchStatement () Parses a SwitchStatement
parseSymbol () Parses a Symbol
parseSynchronizedStatement () Parses a SynchronizedStatement
parseTemplateAliasParameter () Parses a TemplateAliasParameter
parseTemplateArgument () Parses a TemplateArgument
parseTemplateArgumentList () Parses a TemplateArgumentList
parseTemplateArguments () Parses TemplateArguments
parseTemplateDeclaration () Parses a TemplateDeclaration
parseTemplateInstance () Parses a TemplateInstance
parseTemplateMixinExpression () Parses a TemplateMixinExpression
parseTemplateParameter () Parses a TemplateParameter
parseTemplateParameterList () Parses a TemplateParameterList
parseTemplateParameters () Parses TemplateParameters
parseTemplateSingleArgument () Parses a TemplateSingleArgument
parseTemplateThisParameter () Parses a TemplateThisParameter
parseTemplateTupleParameter () Parses an TemplateTupleParameter
parseTemplateTypeParameter () Parses a TemplateTypeParameter
parseTemplateValueParameter () Parses a TemplateValueParameter
parseTemplateValueParameterDefault () Parses a TemplateValueParameterDefault
parseTernaryExpression () Parses a TernaryExpression
parseThrowExpression () Parses a ThrowExpression
parseTraitsExpression () Parses an TraitsExpression
parseTryStatement () Parses a TryStatement
parseType () Parses a Type
parseType2 () Parses a Type2
parseTypeConstructor (validate) Parses a TypeConstructor
parseTypeConstructors () Parses TypeConstructors
parseTypeIdentifierPart () Parses a TypeIdentifierPart.
parseTypeidExpression () Parses a TypeidExpression
parseTypeofExpression () Parses a TypeofExpression
parseTypeSpecialization () Parses a TypeSpecialization
parseTypeSuffix () Parses a TypeSuffix
parseUnaryExpression () Parses a UnaryExpression
parseUnionDeclaration () Parses an UnionDeclaration
parseUnittest () Parses a Unittest
parseVariableDeclaration (type, isAuto) Parses a VariableDeclaration
parseVariadicArgumentsAttribute () Parses an attribute of C-style variadic parameters.
parseVariadicArgumentsAttributes () Parses attributes of C-style variadic parameters.
parseVector () Parses a Vector
parseVersionCondition () Parses a VersionCondition
parseVersionSpecification () Parses a VersionSpecification
parseWhileStatement () Parses a WhileStatement
parseWithStatement () Parses a WithStatement
parseXorExpression () Parses an XorExpression
setTokens (tokens)
abandonBookmark (__param_0)
advance () Advances to the next token and returns the current token
attachComment (node, comment)
attachCommentFromSemicolon (node, startIndex)
currentIs (type)
currentIsMemberFunctionAttribute ()
currentIsOneOf (types)
error (message, shouldAdvance, includeCurrentToken)
expect (type)
goToBookmark (bookmark, popStack) Goes back to a parser bookmark and optionally invalidates it.
hasMagicDelimiter ()
isAssociativeArrayLiteral ()
isAttribute ()
isAutoDeclaration (beginIndex)
isCastQualifier ()
isDeclaration ()
isMemberFunctionAttribute (t)
isStorageClass ()
isType () Only use this in template parameter parsing
isTypeCtor (t)
moveStartIndexBefore (startIndex, child, func)
ownArray (arr, sb)
parseCommaSeparatedRule (allowTrailingComma)
parseInterfaceOrClass (node, startIndex)
parseLeftAssocBinaryExpression (part)
parseStaticCtorDtorCommon (node, startIndex)
peek ()
peekAre (types)
peekIs (t)
peekIsOneOf (types)
peekNIs (t, offset)
peekNIsOneOf (offset, types)
peekPast ()
peekPastBraces ()
peekPastBrackets ()
peekPastParens ()
setBookmark ()
skip (token) Skips token if present and returns whether token was skipped
skip ()
skipBraces ()
skipBrackets ()
skipParens ()
startsWith (types)
suppressedErrorCount ()
trace (__param_0)
warn (message)